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Message from Superintendent, Dr. Baranski and Board President, Barbara Ryan - 01/06/21:

Last night, our Board of Education discussed the integration of student cohorts beginning January 11. Based on current data, we have determined this timeline is not feasible. At a future meeting, the Board will establish criteria to evaluate when students will return for full day instruction and at subsequent meetings, the Board will review local data against the established criteria.

Therefore, based on Board action, we will remain in AM/PM cohorts for in-person learning until our local criteria has been met. Thank you for your understanding.


Barbara Ryan, Board President 

Kristin Baranski, Ed.D. Superintendent


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Congratulations to PRIDE Academy staff, a 2020 CA Distinguished School Award
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If you are in need of gently used clothing for any member of your family or toiletry and household items, please contact Allison Holstein (PRIDE Academy Community Liaison) allison.holstein@santeesd.net