Other Important Information

1. Allergies: Please let the health clerk and your teacher know of any allergies your student may have.

2. Attendance: Attendance is an extremely important part of your child's sucess in school. Please try and make sure they are here on time every day! If your child is sick and needs to miss school please call the school absence line at (619) 258-2205 ext. 5
If your child is missing school because of a dentist or doctors appointment please provide a note.
If you know your child is going to be out of school for a long period of time please talk to me or the office about an independent study contract.

3. Arrival and Dismissal Procedures: School starts promptly every day at 7:45. Students should not come more than 15 minutes before school starts as there will be noone to supervise. Once the bell rings students need to line up outside of the classroom where they will be greeted by their teacher. Parents should say their goodbyes outside of the classroom so we can get off to a quick start in our classroom.

School dismisses at 1:35. Parents or other authorized persons may pick their student up outside the classroom door. I will dismiss students one by one as I see their designated pick up person. If your child is going to ASES they will be picked up outside of the classroom.

4. Birthdays: Due to a district-wde wellness policy food and other treats are no longer an accpetable item to bring in for birthday celebrations. We will celebrate birthdays but I ask you to think of other items to bring in for your child to share with the class on their special day. Other ideas I have seen have been: pencils, stickers, a book for the class, etc.

5. Dress: Please dress your child in comfortable, washable clothes. Kindergarten is a very active and sometimes messy place!
Remember that at recess your child will be running, jumping rope, riding bikes and much more; their shoes must have covered toes and a full back (no flip flops!). I also reccommend that you label ALL of your child's clothes (including backpack and lunch box!)

6. Homework: Although we do not assign weekly homework in kindergarten, we will be sending home a weekly folder that will often have important information in it! We will also use this folder to send home your child's work from the week.

7. Jungle Jobs: We all work together in room KB! Students will all have a job in our classroom and will get a new job each week. Classroom jobs really create a sense of community and responsibility in the classroom and are a fun way for students to feel involved! These jobs include librarian, technology master, noise control and many more!

8. Student of the Week: Each student will have a chance to be the Student of the Week. Students will have the chance to create their own poster to share with the class. The poster will be sent home the week before your child's turn.

9. Lunch and Snack: Please send your child with a healthy snack each day for recess time.
For lunch, students have the option to bring lunch or get a school lunch. If you are going to bring lunch please have their name written on their lunch. If you prefer to get a school lunch lunch I recommend pre-paying for lunch so that your student does not have to worry about money. If you do send money for lunch please have it in a zip-loc bag that is labeled with their name.

10.Newsletter: A weekly newsletter will be sent home via email on Thursday night. Please look over each newsletter for important events we have coming up!

11. iPads- Students will all be given an iPad to use in the classroom. There are forms that must be filled out in order for your child to be able to use their iPad in the classroom. You may also fill out a form to allow your child to bring their iPad home. If they bring their iPad home it needs to be brought back to school charged every day!

12. Scholastic Book Orders: I have found that Scholastic's online book ordering system makes things much easier and convenient for parents and teachers. Go to Scholastic.com/bookclubs. Register as a parent and use our class activation code: KQHVA. You may browse our catalogs and place your order by the specified due date. Our class earns a free book for each online order!

13. Tardies: Your child must check in with the office if they arrive at school after 8:00. Please try and avoid getting them here any later than 7:45.

14. Volunteers: We can always use parent volunteers in our classroom! If you cannot make it into the classroom but would like to help out from home please let me know!