About Mrs. Walsh

             After trying a few career paths, I landed my first job in the classroom in 2016. I began working in an elementary special day class with students that have been diagnosed with emotional disturbance. Although no one knows the definite cause or causes of emotional disturbance, research suggests several factors including: genetics, brain disorders, diet, stress, and family functioning. After working with these students on a daily basis, I began to realize some common trends and experiences shared by many of these students. In fact, every student in that classroom had previously been impacted by traumatic experiences. I believe that every child deserves to be safe, nurtured and well cared for in all aspects of their lives, especially while at school. This has inspired me to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher!
             Being an effective teacher requires an immense amount of stamina, love, compassion and patience. Every day I am in the classroom, I consider it an honor to get to educate and support children from different backgrounds and cultures. There are days when working with students is incredibly difficult. However, by employing my own social emotional skills of empathy and patience, and by remaining motivated to offset the impacts of their stressors, I find that the personal emotional and physical investment is well worth it. Some days there are big successes such as when a student uses new verbal skills to express him/herself instead of being aggressive. And some days there are small successes such a when a student expresses compassion to another student. But everyday there are successes!
             I am committed to serving the most vulnerable children and helping them develop the skills to grow into healthy adults. I am passionate about working for equity- providing students who need more, the additional support to be equally successful as their peers. My education and previous work experience has provided me the knowledge and skills to be an effective classroom teacher. I utilize cross-cultural communication, I de-escalate volatile situations and I effectively teach students from all backgrounds. Without a doubt, education is my passion and calling, which brings me here to PRIDE Academy.


Carley Walsh

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