4th Grade

4th grade PBL projects have focused on expanding concepts learned in Social Studies and Science. Some topics that may integrate PBL include:
Weather, ecosystems, biomes, California geography and regions, electricity and magnetism, food chains and food webs, properties of matter, California Gold Rush, life cycles, plants and animals, human body systems, etc.
Many of these topics are covered together, and incorporate English and Mathematics whenever applicable.

Using Frames, a stop-motion animation software by Tech4Learning, students demonstrated an understanding of the Human Body.


Students also created podcasts to showcase their deeper learning of habitats and food webs.


Learning about the California Missions is an important part of 4th grade.

Missions   Missions   Missions

Missions   Mission   Misison

Another important element of PBL in the 4th grade is the opportunity for hands-on exploration.

Dissection   Discovery

Buddy Work   Hands-On

Real World Application   Career Exploration