Classroom Resources

Behavior Reflection Form


Math: Dice Roll

Math: Estimation

Math: Geometric shapes

Math: Kahn Academy

Math: Open Up Family Resources Grade 7

Math: Open Up Math Family Resources
Open Up Math resources for family understanding and homework help.

Math: Open Up Math Student Resources
Link for students to access Open Up Math curriculum resources

Math: Polyhedra
Interacting with Polyhedra

Math: Rates Activities

Reading: Epic Books

Reading: Lexia Core 5

Science: Circuit Construction

Science: Energy Skate Park

Science: Gravity and Orbits

Science: Hurricanes-current world wind patterns
current world wind patterns,16.49,559

Science: Hurricanes-Tracked hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions
Hurricanes happening in the world

Science: States of Matter

Science: Static Electricity (John Travoltage)

Social Studies: Ancient Egypt Resources

Social Studies: Farming in Mesopotamia

Social Studies: Heiroglyphics

Social Studies: Southern California Wildlife 15,000 Years Ago

Social Studies: Southern California Wildlife Today